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Called Friday morning to get a quote. Brian arrived a little after noon on Friday to give me a quote. Even though I was sure the compressor on my old system was burned out and I was fully prepared to replace the entire 13 year old system, Brian spent about 20 minutes running a couple different tests to make sure that I wasn't going to replace a system that could be easily repaired. No charge for this work. He confirmed that the compressor was burned out. Brian walked me through all the options that were available. We quickly settled in on a Carrier 16 Seer system with a digital thermostat as the best choice for me. He prepared and presented a formal comprehensive written quote on the spot. No having to check with the boss or waiting to see what the competition might bid on the job. No price matching nonsense. They give you their best and final price right up front.

While the price he quoted for a Carrier 16 Seer was not the absolute lowest price I had seen, his quote was the best value in my opinion when you consider everything. I accepted the quote and signed the contract Friday afternoon. He filled out all the forms for the permits, had me sign them and then he headed down to city hall to apply for the permit. Better him than me! At 9:00am on Saturday (less than 24 hours after my first call) Glen and Josh arrived to do the installation right on schedule. They are both long time employees of Island air and not undocumented day laborers picked up off a corner somewhere. The experience and professionalism of Glen and Josh was clearly evident. They worked hard, only taking a short break for lunch, and finished the job by about 4:00pm. They gladly answered all the many questions I had and took the time to answer the questions that I didn't even know to ask. They took extreme care to protect the interior and exterior of my property. They put down drop clothes in the interior to protect my flooring. Access to the exterior work space was blocked by some overgrown shrubs (my fault for not keeping things trimmed and access clear). They offered to transplant one of the shrubs to allow access. While I appreciated the offer, I just cut down the shrub that had grown where the access path used to be. The installation of the new much larger air handler required that the shelf that the old unit rested on be cut out. The electrical, drain line and duct work all had to be reworked. Job was done very satisfactorily. Access to the unit for filter change is way better than on the old unit where I had to fight the electrical cables to get change the filter. When the work was done they completely cleaned up after themselves. I think things may actually be cleaner after they left than before the got there.

The installation work by Island Air was way better than what had been done by the builder that installed the system they were replacing. It's nice to see somebody still does first class work.

The tech that came to the house was punctual and professional. He spent nearly two hours examining and cleaning our system, and was nice enough to explain the procedure each step of the way. Our system is blowing as cold as ever, and even though we were recommended to prepare for a new system in the near future he assured us that we still had some life in our existing setup.

This was a great experience. We selected them because of their Angie's list rating and the service coupon. They came right away and were on time and professional. Replaced the unit quickly, got the permit and scheduled the final inspection. Sent a supervisor out prior to final inspection to check the install. All done very quickly and very professionally. This was our first experience with Angie's list, so we were very happy. Have recommended them several times since and have purchased a maintenance contract with them for another property. The people that work for Island are good, one and all, from field staff to supervision to billing/scheduling. Don't hesitate to use them.

They did everything they said they would do, when they said they would do it. We had a minor problem a few weeks ago - the A/C stopped working. Something had become clogged. I called around 6PM on a Friday night and a service person showed up about 3 hours later and fixed it - at no charge! I believe the service person said there would be no charge for service calls (if there were problems with the unit) for a year!

They were all very professional and did a good job.

Other than them arriving a little later than i thought they were due, they worked efficiently and completed the work and clean-up in a timely fashion. Were very courteous.

Excellent - we were extremely pleased with the immediate response to my initial call. Met with the owner Steve Rudd & had everything done to our total satisfaction within 3 days. We couldn't be more pleased.

Honest. Honest. Honest. Business' in South Florida should take notice. This company knows how to stay in business and be successful....it's called honesty!!!

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